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Web Development

Partnering with a custom web development company makes you active 24/7 and today, it is priceless.

Each page is an active point of contact and a tool to stimulate development and show to the public what you have got to offer.

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Custom Web Development Solutions

Capability #1

Consultation and strategy

Furthermore, the skilled team at our web development agency offers specific solutions designed to meet your unique needs.  Also, our expert developers and UX designers create custom experiences after a systematic alignment with your goals and market research. Therefore, we’re able to offer the most appropriate solutions.

Capability #3


In addition, our web development agency often integrate 3rd party solutions and APIs. Hence, your website can offer much more than ever through our wide range of digital platforms.



Furthermore, from strategizing to project planning, building, and deployment, we will have your back all along. Also, our web development agency will never leave you without support for a fixed fee.


SaaS Solutions

Furthermore, a lot of the tools involved in the process will be SaaS based and available online, from branding and design to project management. Hence, our web development agency can give you a clear and permanent view.

Capability #2

Ad-hoc Solutions

What’s more, for your brand to be successful, hearing customers’ needs and offering them solutions is the most important. Also, our web development agency will help you create everything from single-page apps, intranets, portals, advanced web applications, and cross-platform applications.

Capability #4


Also, our web development agency can modernize and migrate your existing tech stack. Hence, we will help you achieve better, result oriented performance and security.

Capability #6


Additionally, online shoppers look for an easy, safe, and secure experience. Thus, our web development agency will ensure that your online store gets high traffic and you can boost your overall revenue.

Capability #8

Maintenance & Support

In addition, we provide end-to-end maintenance and support. Also, our web development agency is your company’s long-term digital partners. 

Thus, you can get in touch with us whenever there are any issues.

Our difference


Furthermore, having a website is the beginning of the journey. Hence, if you want to reap the benefits of your investment, you must regularly update it. Also, you must add fresh content, add some features, or simply keep it technologically safe. Likewise, you may need to observe how your visitors use your website.

Also, if you want a new feature or a new page to be added, it may cost a lot if it was not conceived accordingly. In addition, the less you do regularly on your site, the more time it will require when you want to update anything, slowly reducing your asset value.

However, contrary to the web design or web development agency, who will leave you in the cold after the project delivery or would cover one-off maintenance at pretty high costs, we get you covered right from the start, for a fixed fee.


Putting our focus on the needs

Websites delivered 4 to 6 weeks after kick-off
Business Goals

Furthermore, we start by making sure we understand your activity. Also, we speak to stakeholders and dive deep into the performance of any existing web site or marketing elements.

What's more, the goal of our web design agency is to start aligning to business goals as soon as possible. Also, this might involve competition research and include industry best-practices.

User interface

In addition, we get to know your users, their goals, skills, technical background, preferences, and tendencies. Also, this allows us to map and create the ideal user interface and visual design. Thus, having a solid understanding of your ideal or typical customer is our priority.

What's more, our team is well versed with all major programming languages and development tools. Hence, once we are aligned with your brand essence, we begin the web development process. However, we don’t just create a website for you. Thus, we make sure it does well and pulls in genuine web traffic.

User experience

What's more, customers are increasingly demanding, not only in terms of products and services, but also in terms of the ongoing experiences their interactions with companies provide. Furthermore, experiences are now more important than products. In fact, experiences are products. Hence, if your digital experiences are not mastered, you will be a passive spectator to what people are feeling and sharing very quickly.

However, in a world where everyone is connected to information and each other, good products are no longer enough. Also, the success and future are the digital experience and we want to be a turning point for you.


Designers and Developers

have been collaborating with L’AGENCE over the past year, using their own approaches and the latest technologies to ensure that your project is of the highest quality



are pursuing their website project with an all-included service and support contract


Custom web development company making winning websites

Each website development project done by our web design agency starts as an active point of contact and a tool to stimulate your business and show what you offer.

It is designed to provide value and demonstrate your proposition, starting with:

Clear Goals

A good website is framed by its goals and value proposal.

Technical Features

It must be technically good, enabling scalable maintenance and security.

User Experience

It should be optimized so people can have an interactive experience.

Constant Updates

Regular content updates and optimization will increase the investment value.


A reliable and affordable proposition