Video is crucial to success

If you’ve not realized that video is the most popular type of web content, now is the time to do so. The importance of video marketing trends in overall marketing strategy is growing. 68% of businesses said they used video as a marketing strategy in 2021. Moreover, 93% of them consider it a crucial component of their overall strategy. Businesses aren’t merely speculating. They’re responding to a clear need from users for more video content.

“Video is key for creating customer relationships because it puts a human voice behind the brand.”

Too often, communications teams rely heavily on text documents, long analyses, and emails to share messages and keep each other up to date. Not only does all that take a great deal of time and effort to create, but they’re also seldom read. Whether it’s an internal update, an announcement, or public-facing PR, there are many ways leading organizations now use video to deliver more impactful communications to their audiences.

Creating a unique visual system and strategy

A video presentation is a video that incorporates many slides, audio, video narration, animation, and graphics to transmit specific information to an audience in an entertaining manner.

corporate video

A Corporate video is a non-advertising video that is used to communicate with internal or external stakeholders and present results, to highlight a business initiative, or train staff.

corporate video

Explainer videos are short videos either animated or relying on live-action footage. They are best to put a face on a brand, animated explainer videos are often used for explaining and illustrating complex processes that real cameras cannot capture.

animated video

Social media videos offer glimpses into other worlds and let audiences feel a personal connection to the person doing the posting. That can humanize a big brand, make a product launch personal, and make a team or an executive approachable.

social video

6 Video Marketing Trends

Filming on a Budget

Good news is with the improvement of technologies, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment (or even a reasonable firm like us) to have your video marketing strategy up and running.

Live Videos

In order to remain relevant in the year 2022, firms should also pay close attention to live streaming. Live video can be used by businesses to interact and engage with their clients in various ways.

Videos and SEO

While the concept of search engine optimization is not new, have you ever heard of it being applied to videos?
First-page rankings are 53 times more likely to come from videos than from traditional SEO methods.


One of the most effective ways to connect with customers, establish a brand's personality, and captivate is through brand storytelling and vlogs are the best way to do so.

Videos with no Sound

Marketers are creating videos expressly for those who prefer to watch them in peace and quiet.
Aren't visuals and music what a video is all about? Not always.

Content Created by the Public

Consumers value user-generated content (UGC) more than brand-generated content (BCD).
It is viewed as trustworthy by 85% of people and authentic by over 70%.
First-page rankings are 53 times more likely to come from videos than from traditional SEO methods.

What Kind of Video Creator could you be?

Are you creating the best video to fit your brand and audience?