Colors influence everything

Know the meaning

Your brand colors can impact your sales or performance as much as what you offer. The colors used for a product, website, business card, or logo cause powerful reactions.

Red as main brand color denotes danger, energy, excitement, along with passion and love.

Pink is romantic and sentimental, preferred mostly by women.

Orange is fresh, adventurous, and usually associated with saving costs.

Yellow denotes happiness and optimism, while green indicates nature, environment, and prestige.

Blue color and purple are reliable denoting royalty, calmness, and mystery.

White is pure, minimal, showing innocence and simplicity. Black looks elegant, but it can also depict sorrow.


How we pick the right brand colors ?


Identifying Your Brand Personality

We connect personally with your brand. 

If there is no clear purpose and aim, it gets hard to choose from the endless colors available.


Crafting the perfect formula

Our team mixes the core color with some neutral shades, 2 or 3 variations of the core color a contrasting color is added in multiple hues to balance the color palette.


Choosing a Core Color

The culture, target consumers, past experiences, etc. all go into the choosing brand colors.

Our team makes a shortlist of colors that embody your brand spirit and feelings before going for a core brand color.


Use everywhere

Whether it’s your packaging, social posts, flyers, emails, or anything else, keep a consistent and vibrant color scheme everywhere.

Understand why colors change everything

There is a saying – First impression is the last impression – that stands true when it comes to your identity. Brand colors are the first thing that a customer notices and forms impressions about your brand personality. Even without any knowledge about your products and services, the right color combination will attract customers. 

We help you convey feelings and emotions through a perfect color palette so that more customers engage with you. It makes both your web design as well as product packaging feel attractive.


Choose based on your essence

Identify your aim, goals, and how you want the audience to feel. Having clarity regarding this will help choose your brand’s primary colors and mix them up.


Check Competitors

Conduct market research and look at your competitors. If you sell similar products, make sure you are different from your competitors.


Create your palette

No brand works with a single color, they use a combination of different ones. All the colors used make up the brand palette. You have to ensure that all the colors pair well with each other.


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