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Open Agency
Swiss Finish

Our client-centric consulting approach allows us to craft bespoke responses, utilizing a variety of technologies and custom-assembled teams.









Integrated Approach

Our integrated approach facilitates better communication, quicker turnaround times, and a unified vision across all platforms. It simplifies management, as you have a single point of contact for all services, reducing complexity and increasing efficiency. 

Technology Brokers

We exemplify a next-gen communication and marketing agency, acting as technology brokers to deliver an expert, individualised experience. Our contractor database boasts over a hundred experts, enabling us to assemble the ideal team tailored to your specific needs.

All-included Pricing

Our comprehensive pricing structure offers an all-inclusive package, eliminating hidden fees and extra costs. This approach is not only transparent but also more cost-effective compared to coordinating with a network of various agencies for fragmented projects.

Bespoke Solutions

Our solutions offer superior customization and adaptability, tailored to meet your evolving needs. We simplify your experience by handling the complexities of developing, managing, and maintaining cutting-edge technologies and their requisite teams, sparing you the effort.

"Your complexity should not be our problem, so make that complexity invisible."

Marc Pritchard

Chief Brand Officer of Procter Gamble, speaking to marketing agencies during Ad Age Digital Conference

Create Your Service Offer

Our philosophy is simple yet impactful: to align services closely with our clients’ needs.
We focus intently on their specific demand rather than offering one-size-fits-all pricing.

Open Agency

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Assembling a basic team in a small marketing agency is straightforward.

However, orchestrating a diverse group of experts in numerous technological fields, while maintaining a cohesive and robust structure, demands an innovative model.


From designers to coders, app developers, creative writers, editors, researchers, marketers, social media specialists, SEO experts, data analysts, and numerous other specializations, independent professionals and boutique owners are dedicated to delivering exceptional work. This commitment stems from their choice to directly rely on the outcomes of each project.


We align your projects with a vast pool of talent, unrestricted by location or time, focusing directly on specifics to solve problems, share knowledge, and unlock benefits for both individuals and organizations. Our adaptive approach ensures seamless integration of diverse skills, fostering innovation and efficiency in every task.


Clients typically find that working with our open agency leads to cost savings of 30-50%. This significant reduction in expenses is due to our strategy of avoiding the fixed costs associated with full-time resources. Instead, we focus on providing only what is necessary for each specific client’s needs.


Our approach to hiring talents daily enables us to initiate projects much quicker than traditional agencies. You’d likely be surprised by the speed with which we can start working on projects, regardless of their size, scope, or complexity. This rapid deployment capability is a key aspect of how we deliver services efficiently.

Connecting Worlds

Connecting Worlds, Empowering Dreams: A Marketing Agency Bridging Communication with Technology

New Capabilities

Welcome to a partnership where your vision becomes our mission. Welcome to L’AGENCE.CH

A Refreshingly
Different Approach

Join us on a journey where marketing, IT, and communication converge seamlessly, enhancing every facet of your digital capital and brand image

Experience the

Our unique Digital-as-a-Service (DaaS) model ensures peace of mind for our clients

A marketing agency's hand holding a glass jar with stars in the sky. A marketing agency's hand holding a glass jar with stars in the sky. A girl wearing a butterfly tutu and black leggings for a marketing agency campaign. A hand holding a stick with a bird on it, symbolizing the innovative strategies of a marketing agency. A girl jumping in the air with a kite for a marketing agency campaign. A girl wearing a butterfly tutu and black leggings for a marketing agency campaign. A hand holding a stick with a bird on it, symbolizing the innovative strategies of a marketing agency. A girl jumping in the air with a kite for a marketing agency campaign. Two women with orange hair standing in front of an orange background at a marketing agency. A person's hand reaching up to the sky on a dirt road, signaling the pioneering spirit of a marketing agency.
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Swiss Finish

We implement the highest standards and best practices in every project, regardless of whether they are required.

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Quality Insurance

We meticulously oversee every project, closely monitoring deliverables and budgets at all stages. Your advantage lies in direct communication with the agency for any queries or requests, coupled with unwavering support. Our dedication to strict policies is rooted in their ability to deliver long-term benefits in this multifaceted world. For us, rigor, thoroughness, and excellence are everyday standards. Every task is tracked via our advanced project management platform, ensuring precise oversight of deliverables and financials, up to the testing and checks done before each delivery.

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Comprehensive Regulatory Insight

We aim to have a comprehensive knowledge of laws and regulations governing digital marketing, including data protection and advertising standards. This means; understanding online privacy, ensuring ethical data usage, and managing consent. Keeping up with the latest digital technologies, we’re aware of how tech changes impact regulatory requirements. We prioritize security, safeguarding digital assets and customer data, and have developed strategies to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. Our approach also emcompasses focusing on ethical considerations in marketing. We’re adept at adapting to regulatory changes, ensuring our strategies align with evolving regulations. When applicable, we also manage the challenges of cross-border considerations.


Professional-grade tools, included

We utilize top-tier professional tools and solutions for your projects, ensuring quality and efficiency. Our web hosting service includes comprehensive support, automated backups, a tailored development environment, and high-performance hosting capabilities. For specialized needs like SEO, content publishing, and campaign management, we rely on dedicated solutions and a wide array of esteemed providers, ranging from global giants like Adobe and Microsoft to national experts such as Infomaniak or Proton.

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Dedicated hosting
in EU or Switzerland
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Several project and
collaboration platforms
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Best Design and
Digital Marketing suites
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Comprehensive support
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Tailored development
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High-performance hosting
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Super Creators

As communication and marketing agency, we embrace AI for the overall performance of our processes, to maximize your results while using the most appropriate paths.


Social Networks

We love blogging and publishing carefully written news.


Meet the

In the heart of Geneva, we have woven the fabric of our digital marketing and communications agency with the passionate threads of independence and entrepreneurship. As a dynamic duo, we uphold an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, meticulously choosing to steer a select number of projects at any given time. In doing so, we orchestrate a symphony of tailor-made solutions, where each note is thoughtfully composed from start to finish, preferring the profound impact of quality over the fleeting allure of quantity.

And we ❤️ to help. Really !

  • Sylvie Vanden Broeck, MBA

    Highly client-centric, adaptable, and proactive leader equipped with strong business acumen, Sylvie boasts 10 years of experience in the marketing industry and business development. Down-to-earth and pragmatic, she is the preferred contact for clients focused on ROI and preoccupied with their business activities.

  • A woman in a blue dress posing for a marketing agency photo.
  • Tarek Hembert, MBA
    Managing Partner

    Entrepreneur, executive, and digital marketing professional. With a solid foundation in the financial sector, Tarek places the highest importance on quality, security, and impeccable operational management.

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How We Work

Step 01

Break The Ice

This is your first step to connect with us. We strive to make this as welcoming and straightforward as possible, with a simple contact form or request for a quote. This conversation is about understanding your needs and how we can help, in a relaxed and pressure-free environment. It’s the beginning of our potential collaboration, focused on making you feel comfortable and heard.

After our initial contact, we’ll set up a meeting to dive deeper into your project. This is where you can share your vision, challenges, and objectives in detail. This meeting is also an opportunity for us to explain our process, showcase our capabilities, and discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs.

Step 02

Meet & Explain

Step 03

Start to Work

Once we’ve agreed on the details and laid out a clear plan, it’s time to kick things off. You’ll see your project start to take shape as we apply our expertise to meet your objectives. During this stage, we prioritize open communication and updates, ensuring you’re informed and involved at every step.

At this stage, you’ve given us all the guidance we need, and it’s time for you to relax and let us do the heavy lifting. Our team is now fully in motion, implementing the strategies we’ve discussed and working diligently to achieve your goals. You can have peace of mind knowing that your project is in capable hands.

Step 04

Sit Back and Relax

Step 05

Deliver and Report

This is the moment where all our efforts come to fruition. We’ll present you with the completed project, along with a detailed report outlining the work done, the results achieved, and the impact on your goals. It’s also an opportunity for feedback and discussion about future initiatives or any further support you might need.


Have an Idea or Project ?