How to Leverage Your Brand’s Story

Stories are at the heart of eliciting a response from your customers and possibly even developing a lead. Your corporate identity needs a story base to boost sales and increase profit. Brand awareness is one of the most important aspects of your story, and it is at the heart of evoking an emotional response and connecting that customer to your business to fulfill their needs. Customers need to feel connected to your brand in some form, which is why the story is so important. Continue reading below to learn more about how to leverage your brand’s story and how to increase brand awareness.

Develop a Target Audience

Before you can begin any storytelling, however, it is essential to develop a target audience. Your business needs to define precisely who you want your customer to be. Consider age, gender, geographical location, and even socioeconomic status when considering these identities. Consider the customers of your competitors, as well as the customers that you already have. You can even create personas of the ideal customer so that you can make example stories for them. You want the right people to hear your story and receive more awareness.

Be Cohesive

Your entire corporate identity must be cohesive that your customers do not become confused. You want the same color scheme, the same emotional responses, the same brand logo, and more to be cohesive. More importantly, however, you want something to be truly unique about your brand so that you are set apart from competitors. Create a narrative that will explain your brand history, brand goals, values and even social media usage to give customers and employees alike complete brand awareness. If your values are about inclusion and inspiration, for instance, use this theme throughout.

Keep It Simple

Despite this extensive brand cohesiveness, you need to retain a sense of simplicity. Make sure that your brand’s story has every part, from the beginning to the end. Explain the passion behind your business, how you can help a specific customer, and how you intend to expand into the future. Make sure any customer can easily understand the information that is being presented through the story so that they can attach themselves to it, developing that sense of emotional response. Be sure to shine as you want your corporate identity and all you stand for to be on display.

Be Relatable

You do not want to only be simple in your storytelling though, so that you do not offend customers. Try to be relatable to your customers. Share about the struggles it took to get your business to where it is now, for instance. Every customer can relate to a sense of struggle, and this will elicit that emotional response that you are seeking. You do not even have to share this in narrative form, as you can consider a video or a photo, for instance.

Make Your Corporate Identity Credible

No matter how much emotional response you elicit from the narrative you have created, you will not develop any leads without credibility. Make sure to share your qualifications, post a frequently asked questions section, and post online any certifications that you and your business have received. Customers will be more likely to purchase your products and services when they feel as if you know about the industry and what they are seeking. Customers want to work with a company that they can trust to take care of them and their families.

Develop Customer Stories

Wondering how to increase brand awareness with the help of your existing customers? It’s simple. Encourage your customers to share information about your business. Ask them to share your campaigns on their social media pages, giving your information to their friends and family members. You could also create narratives, videos, and photos of customers sharing stories of how your business has helped them. Devote a section on your social media pages and website for customer testimonials and reviews as well. Many shoppers and users trust other people more than they do a business and will seek out the recommendations that others have given them.

Make the Sale

Once your customers have developed their sense of brand awareness about your business, they will likely make a purchase. This is especially true if they feel some sense of connection to your brand and feel as if your brand can solve problems for them and is authentic. Even during the sale, however, it is essential to retain that sense of storytelling. Share specific stories about the products that are bought by the customers. If someone in a third world country bought an accessory, for instance, share about that and give the customer a sense of pride about their purchase.

So, What Now?

Creating a corporate identity to enhance your business’ brand awareness is about much more than just a brand logo. Therefore, it’s essential to learn how to increase brand awareness in the right way. Mostly, it is about developing a story so that you can gain a sense of a customer base and can make that final sale that you have put so much hard work in. It will be worth all of the efforts you put in to make that final connection. Keep your story real, personalized, simple, cohesive, credible, and made for your customers to see results. If you require marketing assistance to develop your brand’s story, contact our agency services so that we can create a brand identity together.


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