The Best Types of Marketing Videos to Engage Your Audience 

You want to engage your audience and boost your brand, so it’s time to create amazing marketing videos! As a savvy marketer, you know that video is the hottest trend and an incredibly effective way to spread your message. But with so many options, where do you start? The good news is that there are several tried-and-true video formats that are sure to captivate your viewers. Whether you want to showcase a product demo, share customer stories, or just make an emotional connection, we’ve got the inside scoop on the top types of marketing videos you need to know. Get ready to become a video pro and blow your customers away! 

Explainer Videos – Bring Your Product or Service to Life 

Explainer videos are a must for engaging your audience and bringing your product or service to life. These short, animated clips vividly demonstrate how your offering solves a problem or enhances lives. 

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words 

Explainer videos use visuals, not just words, to connect with viewers in a fun, memorable way. Studies show that our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, so images, animations, and video are far more effective for quickly and clearly conveying ideas. 

Shareability is Key 

Explainer videos are highly shareable, allowing your message to spread like wildfire. Viewers will eagerly pass along a video they find interesting or helpful. Before you know it, your video and brand have gained major exposure through shares on social media, websites, and email. 

Versatility is a Virtue 

Explainer videos come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Choose between live action or animation, long or short, serious or lighthearted. The options are endless! These multipurpose clips can be used on your website, trade shows, social media, and more. 

In today’s fast-paced digital world, explainer videos are a must for any marketer looking to connect with an audience in a fun, memorable way. Their visual nature, shareability, and versatility make them ideal for spreading your message far and wide. 

Interviews – Show the faces behind your company 

Want to give your audience an inside look at what makes your company tick? Interview videos are the way to go! Sit down with executives, employees, or loyal customers and get them talking. 

There’s nothing quite like putting a human face to your brand. Viewers will appreciate the transparency and behind-the-scenes peek. Keep the mood light and casual, and don’t be afraid to show some personality! 

Ask open-ended questions about your company culture, values, goals, or origin story. Discuss how your product or service has impacted people. Share inspiring insights or funny moments. These authentic conversations will help to humanize your company and build real connections with your audience. 

Interview videos are highly versatile. Release clips on social media to give followers a quick glimpse into your company. Use full-length interviews on your website or YouTube channel. They make great content for email newsletters, too. However you distribute them, interview videos are sure to spread brand awareness, build trust, and boost customer loyalty. 

What are you waiting for? Grab a camera, round up your team, and start capturing all the passion, dedication and enthusiasm that make your company great! Your audience will thank you. 

Customer Testimonial Videos – Let Your Customers Do the Talking 

Nothing is more powerful than hearing from your actual customers. Customer testimonial videos feature real people sharing their authentic experiences with your business, product or service. 

Let Your Customers Shine 

Give your fans their 15 minutes of fame, and let them share why they love you. Keep the videos casual and conversational by having an off-screen interviewer ask open-ended questions about their experience. Edit the footage to 2 minutes or less to keep viewers engaged. Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to spread the word, and their genuine enthusiasm will win over new clients. 

Keep it Real 

There’s no need for expensive filming or fancy editing. Simple is better for customer testimonials. Shoot the video on your phone or webcam in a clutter-free area. Ask your customers to speak freely in their own words about their positive interactions. Authenticity is key! 

Raving Fans Convert Customers 

The power of peer recommendations is huge. Your audience will trust the experiences of real customers over any marketing claims you make. Raving fan testimonials, in particular, can help alleviate concerns and objections, turning viewers into buyers. Be sure to share your customer videos on your website, blog, and all social media platforms to maximize views. 

Customer stories are the best way to build trust, strengthen your brand, and win new clients. So give your best customers the mic and let them do the talking about why they love your business. The results will speak for themselves! 

Behind-the-Scenes Videos – Give Viewers an Inside Look 

Want to give your audience a peek behind the curtain of your company? Behind-the-scenes videos are a fantastic way to build brand loyalty and connection. Film short clips of your team hard at work in the office or studio. Capture snippets of creative meetings, client consultations or product development. Viewers will appreciate the transparency and the chance to see the faces behind your brand. 

Show off your company culture in action! Film casual interactions, office jokes or weekly team meetings. Highlight employee achievements and promotions. Share everyday moments that shape your brand experience. Viewers will get a feel for what it’s really like to work with your company. They’ll see the passion and dedication of your team. 

Backstage access makes customers feel like VIPs. Give them exclusive content they can’t find anywhere else. Tease new product launches or upcoming campaigns. Reveal prototypes and works in progress. Ask employees to share career advice or lessons they’ve learned along the way. 

Keep these videos short, around 1 to 2 minutes. Shoot in an informal vlog style. Capture raw, unscripted footage for the most authentic experience. Add captions or graphics to highlight key points. Share the videos on your social media channels and company blog. Your followers will love tuning in for the latest instalment of their all-access pass! 

Behind-the-scenes videos are a marketer’s secret weapon. Use them to boost customer loyalty, build brand trust and spread company culture. Give viewers a meaningful look into the heart of your business. They’ll become lifelong fans, eager for the next episode. Lights, camera, action! 


So don’t wait; dive right in and start creating amazing marketing videos to spread your message. You have all the tools and options at your fingertips to engage your audience in new ways. Whether it’s an explainer video to educate, an interview to build credibility, or a product demo to sell, video marketing will allow you to connect with your customers on a personal level. What are you waiting for? Grab your camera, tap into your creativity, and show the world what you’ve got. The future of marketing is visual, so join the revolution and start producing videos that inspire, motivate and move people to action. Success is out there, you just have to turn on the camera and go get it! 


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